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Play (Intro) by 2NRO8OT

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Instead of our regular compilation we have something special for you this month. The “BACKUP11″ Compilation is a special issue for the Platine 2011 Festival which is focused on electronic media, covering anything from the realm of art statements up to alternative gaming forms. The festival will be held between
15th and 19th August 2011 in Cologne. Developers and artists from all over Germany, as well as guests from France, will use Platine as a daring and unique platform to present their ideas and vision to the public. For this purpose we have chosen several 8-Bit and chipmusik tunes to try and cover the wide range from classic sound elements to re-interpretation of contemporary music styles. Turn on your favourite device and join us in discovering a world of blips and bleeps.



01. 2NRO8OT - Play (Intro) 00:01:49

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