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About corleone


Corleone was dreampt [sic] up on a very long car trip with life time best friend sparky hardisty. We released our first record in 1997 which was the first Jason Farrell (x-swiz, fury, sweetbellyfreakdown, bluetip, retisonic) solo 7". After our first release Sparky moved half way across the country for school and Corleone kind of laid dormant for a few years. Then in 2000 I decided to reopen for business and have since put out records by MINDFLAYER, JASON FARRELL, WOKEN BY WIRE, PINES OF ROME, ALEC K REDFEARN AND THE EYESORES, BARNACLED, TINY HAWKS, GET KILLED, MAHI MAHI, JACOB BERENDES, LAZY MAGNET, REN SCHOFIELD, FRED THOMAS, COLIN LANGENUS, LORNA DOOM, THRONE OF BLOOD, SNAKE APARTMENT, WORK/DEATH, UKE OF SPACES CORNERS COUNTY, NIGHT WOUNDS, LANDED, FANG ISLAND, THE BODY as well as the epic dvd video compilation; CORLEONE 10yrs Everything I Own Is Broken Or Bent! stuff coming in the near future by: AT, LANDED, NIGHTWOUNDS, BLACK PUS, RED EYED LEGENDS and THE BODY! TINY HAWKS live tornado children.  -- via MySpace

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