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About Postmoderncore


postmoderncore is based in and documents the fringe music scene of Wellington, New Zealand. It celebrates it's fifth birthday this year as a netlabel.

Sensory Research Network, a community and media lab for avante garde musicians, engineers, and artists, hosts postmoderncore. SRN also hosts the Negativland fan collective called Snuggles.

Sam Stephens, postmoderncore creator and curator writes, "Snuggles has been a big influence on the philosophy of postmoderncore. I came to the conclusion that copyright was a tool used by corporations to make profits, and control artists and their music. The more I heard about sample music being squashed by copyright law, the stronger my decision that I should ignore copyright law in my own artistic creation.

"postmoderncore is the flip side of my protest against copyright and the idea of music as a commodity. I decided that the best method for sharing the music and accompanying art with its audience was to offer free downloads over the internet. I also wanted to reach a wide and international audience."

postmoderncore shares a large catalog of recordings, featuring such New Zealand celebrities as improv saxman Jeff Henderson. Two full albums capturing the creativity and power of Jeff's live baritone saxophone performances are available. Before leaving for a year in Korea, where he will still operate the netlabel, Sam posted 10 new releases.

The catalog also features a wide spectrum of musical genres including free jazz, country, spoken word, noise, experimental electronics, drone, instrumental, and trash rock.

"postmoderncore will keep following its own trajectory, and I look forward to being surprised by how it all turns out." -Sam Stephens, postmoderncore

source: Oddio Overplay

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