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About Beta:Sound


Beta:Sound provides a way for artists to present the entire scope of what they do without thought for accessibility or commercial success. Artists are able to present live works, works in progress and non-traditional musical pieces without the time constraints inherent in physical recording mediums. Beta:Sound is an online music distribution project that offers music free, both through a web interface and whatever popular P2P service people are using, to anyone who can download it. Beta:Sound functions like a Non Profit label that writes grants to help record, present and distribute (online) experimental and marginal music forms. Artists represented by Beta:Sound retain all publishing rights and the masters of the recordings. Beta:Sound is only able to give the music away for free online. Thus preserving the rights of the artists while allowing a broader public access to the music.

The works presented by Beta:Sound are not confined to a specific genre or musical style, instead the catalog is open to any work whose form, through innovative practices and musical intentions, falls outside of the realm of commercial music. Specifically works that are not commercially viable for a label. As each artist develops their catalog of posted work they are simultaneously generating feedback through the websites public review process. Expanding the "critical feedback" outside of the handful of international critics and allowing the public to speak about each work in a constructive manner. Once the artist has developed their catalog they can then take the step toward grant writing for funding of projects of a more ambitious scope. Allowing for the creation of music that would not otherwise be financially feasible. Traditional record labels trying to distribute experimental music are loosing money; the general public is downloading whatever they want anyway. Beta:Sound is a system that lets anyone have the music guilt free and gives back to the artist. By circumventing the traditional model of physical recording medium and label/distribution Beta:Sound is able to generate a larger public awareness of the intelligent music forms that exist. The intention of Beta: Sound is to create a global community that brings together all of the small regional music communities throughout the world. Evolving into a cultural commodity in the process. If you would like to become a part of the Beta:Sound Project a submission form is available below. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time.

Thank You
Raymond Salvatore Harmon Beta Director

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