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REGISTERED:Nov 30, 2017
We present here some music eventually published before on LP, recordable Cd, and tape. Bison was a band discreetly active in Bordeaux around 2010, with a handful of concerts, deeply underground. A definitive archive of other recordings should be re-arranged & published in the future, despite of the disparition
of the singer a few years ago. God Is Gay made a lot of concerts mainly in Bordeaux between 2007 & 2012, first as a noise-pop quatuor, and then as a trio with more keyboards. The album presented here is their last effort, a durable will of their abilities, and a surprisingly smoothly ingeneered document, thanks to the sympathy the band provoked around. Isophrenia has been active as a duo with lots of ephemeral collaborators. This took place mainly in Bruxelles, with also periods of work in Bordeaux and Marseille, mainly between 2015 & 2018. This album was sold during the numerous concerts as a Cd-r or a home made tape. It's a collage of demo songs and extracts from concerts, free improvisations, intimate poetry. Maybe a last opus with other documents will be published in the future. Enfanciso was a free-form energic improvisation quatuor, active in Bruxelles around 2016 & 2018. They made a handfull of concerts, sometimes weak, sometimes powerfull. This recording documents a both heavy and subtle performance in one of the main venues of the underground downtown at this time. More is to come here. To contact us, write to Antoine at this adress


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07. Enfanciso - Morceau 7 00:07:08
08. Enfanciso - Morceau 8 00:10:40
06. Enfanciso - Morceau 6 00:08:57

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Our Catalogue 01 : BISON "Corridors" (2012) 02 : GOD IS GAY "Tourne pour rien" (2012) 03 : EQUIPAGE "Single" (2015) 04 : ISOPHRENIA "Isophrénia" (2016) 05 : CHANT FOU "Rue des prisons" (2016)   and upcoming albums from VAN TWOLIPS, ISOPHRENIA, SEXPORT & TIM    

UPLOADED:Dec 14, 2017