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REGISTERED:Sep 12, 2012
White Market Podcast is an award-winning* show about free music and free culture by Rute Correia. While the show is mainly focused on Creative Commons-licenced music, since it is also naturally intertwined with other movements and ideologies such as Open Source and Open Access, it often features these and similar forms of activism related to digital rights and freedom. Our promise to deliver netaudio music and raise free culture awareness is also stated on our collection here on Free Music Archive. White Market Podcast is a completely independent, non-profit and volunteer-based project. To see our guidelines for the use of
copyrighted material, check out Creative Commons Podcasting Legal Guide. You can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, listen to us on Mixcloud and, last but not the least, you can also listen to some of our old podcasts on Internet Archive. *We won the Silver Innovation Award of the Year at the Community Radio Awards 2016.


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01. J-K - Plano 00:04:25
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Monster Jinx Love

Monster Jinx is an independet label and artist collective from Portugal. They dropped their first record back in 2009 and they haven't stopped ever since. With an enviable roster of MCs and producers, Monster Jinx are a great example of how Creative Commons licenses can boost the reach of a work, and how releasing music for free doesn’t mean a product is any less appealing.

UPLOADED:Aug 23, 2017