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XEROXED published by Yes No Wave Music, a netlabel from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It's a webzine about free-culture and open-source. It concerns and focuses mostly on the works created using a Creative Commons Licenses and distributed as a free legal download over the net. The aim is to promote the free-culture movement and share the free legal download contents.

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A featured collection of Yes No Wave Music releases. Yes No Wave Music is a netlabel based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.



woktherock on 09/29/2011 at 02:11PM

Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat dan Singa Indonesia Tour 2011

Arrington in Jogja

In September and October of 2011 Arrington de Dionyso will be making his first ever voyage to Indonesia, at the invitation of Yes No Klub -an experimental music collective from Yogyakarta. He will have several weeks’ residency in Yogyakarta where he will be teaching throat-singing workshops and creating murals while also collaborated with local musicians to create an entirely new version of Malaikat Dan Singa with Wukir Suryadi (Bambuwukir, Senyawa), Dani (Armada Racun), Ichan Sani (Armada Racun, Shoolinen) and other musicians from Indonesia. The tour will also featuring two finest contemporary artists: Senyawa and TerbujurKaku. Wukir Suryadi invite him to join his performance at four world music festivals, "Suara Mantra World Music Festival" in Mataram, Lombok island, "Space is Ours" in Denpasar, Bali island, "Bamboo World Music Festival" in Bandung, West Jave and a festival in Mount. Bromo, East Jave.

The journey with Malaikat Dan Singa started in Jakarta at SubStereo Oz Radio, "Jakarta Noise Fest #3" and at a fringe programme of "OK Video Festival"; then they will move forward to Bandung, Malang, Surabaya and the final performance will be held in Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta which also an exhibition of Arrington's drawings. He will also publish a book of whatever paintings are produced during my residency for publication in a small artist monograph edition. Some of these concerts will be documented by film maker Vincent Moon, famous for his work with A Take Away Show and La Blogoteque. This project supported by Yes No Wave MusicLanggeng Art Foundation, Common Room, Ruangrupa, Insomnium, WastedRockers, KUNCI Cultural Studies Center and Kedai Kebun Forum.

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woktherock on 03/29/2011 at 11:00AM

Jogja Istimewa: A Compilation of Cutting-Edge Music From Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Installation by Kuswidananto Jompet

This compilation was initiated by Marzuki Mohammad of Jogja Hip Hop Foundation and Adi Adriandi of Kongsi Jahat Collective in May 2010 as an archival project of recent top-underrated Yogyakarta artists. It is curated by Wok The Rock (Yes No Wave Music), Ajie Wartono (Warta Jazz) and Anton Kurniawan (A&R of Warner Music Indonesia). The 10 artists selected to create new song for the compilation are Jogja Hip Hop Foundation, Serigala Malam, Frau, Zoo, Dubyouth, Armada Racun, Risky Summerbee & The Honeythiefs, Individual Life and DOM 65.

This album was planned to be release at Yogyakarta City 254th anniversary but then postponed due to the Mount Merapi eruption. The album was released on November 19th, 2010. Three tracks I uploaded here are from Ki Jarot (Jogja Hip Hop Foundation), Zoo and DOM 65. Jogja Hip Hop Foundation is a hip hop community who infiltrate hip hop with javanese language and traditional music. For this compilation, Zoo collaborate with Wukir to record one of their future material turning their previous noisy sound to be more clean and complex. DOM 65 is the first streetpunk band in Indonesia who are transcending their punk root toward progressive/psychedelic rock.

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adal2007 on 05/10/15 at 11:12PM
Hi, i run a small open music archive project, we want to enter to FMA
(free music archive curator) seems a good fit for the music we do, mainly electronica and videogame music, here are five samples:

thanks -
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