WORM is an institute for avant garde recreation Rotterdam, consisting of an artist-collective, a venue, a Book/dvd/cd/record shop and a Parallel University (workshops, projects and productions for film, music and media). Born under the stars of punk, Dada, Fluxus, Situationism and futurism. WORM is grown into a headstrong organization with a 'Do-It-Yourself' mentality, combined with ultra-pragmatism, love of technique (s) and proper accounting. WORM is the output of film, radio, concerts, courses, parties, publications, performances, web projects, installations, workshops and an accumulation of tactile media and the Internet. WORM focuses (cheerfully and yet serious) to avant-garde, through scarcity and opensource.As for the worm-sound department aka the WORM RADIO & SOUND STUDIO, consisting of Henk Bakker and Lukas Simonis… in short…our activities are; - organising residencies and hosting sound related project (wanna know more; ask us)- producing and curating Radio Art & A Radio magazine -Radio WORM- for several broadcasts (member of Radia Network, contributing to VPRO Cafe Sonore Radio 6 on a regular basis, etc.), including the Free Music Archive.- contributing to the WORM program, either as curators or musicians/producers- organising workshops that are sound-related. At the moment we are working in different directions;- instrument building workshops (ao. Yuri landman who is a regular at WORM)- software shit; we have a monthly PD gathering called LOADBANG but we're also working on becoming an official ABLETON LIVE education centre...- content shit; any weird idea is ok too- last but not least; recording most of the concerts that happen at the worm venue (and stream them). (and publish some of that on free music archive)