Music for Video



Music for Video: How to choose the right music for your videos?

We have over 100,000 songs available on Free Music Archive. Find out what makes our music so special!

First of all, we offer you free access to original music from singer-songwriters, producers, composers, bands and even orchestras around the world. So let's forget about stock music or instrumental audio files generated by a script. On FMA you enter a world of creativity and talents.

Copyright-free music vs royalty-free music? Let's keep this simple. Most music you will find online is copyright protected. However, FMA musicians "add" a friendly set of permissions on top of this. FMA is using a global legal framework, Creative Commons, enabling people to share more than 2 billion photos, songs, books, videos and other creative works so far. Let's get to work:

1) I have a small budget and need certified, safe music. Check

2) I have zero budget, but need music for a commercial video. Check the Creative Commons BY license.

3) What does proper attribution look like in a video? Check our FAQs.