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REGISTERED:Apr 7, 2011
  ROULETTE's original and ongoing purpose has been to provide opportunities for innovative composers, musicians, sound artists and interdisciplinary collaborators to present their work in accessible, appropriate and professional productions. The organization is committed to supporting work by young and emerging artists as well as by established innovators.   Roulette is a major New York City venue for contemporary music and intermedia art, internationally recognized for the presentation and promotion of experimental contemporary music, an incubator for young talent and a laboratory where new ideas and new technologies are examined, appraised and developed. It is also an artists’ resource center, offering cheap
rehearsal space, high quality recording facilities, information and commissions.   Roulette Artists represent an extremely broad range of disciplines and backgrounds: a large percentage perform their own work and nearly all concerts feature world premieres. Programs are chosen in direct response to current activity in the field and with careful consideration toward a balanced, inclusive season. Roulette also assists artists in the realization of special projects with potential impact on their careers through the commissioning of new works.   Roulette's programs and services reflect the needs and interests of an international community of composers and performers. Roulette actively seeks minorities and special constituencies as part of its programming policy. Individuals and ensembles representing all minority groups have presented work at Roulette. The organization is committed to presenting innovative new music in all styles and genres. This policy thrives on minority inclusion and leads to a diverse range of music while representing the needs and interests of minorities and special constituencies.   Diverse, imaginative programming attracts a diverse, imaginative audience. One of Roulette's primary goals is to encourage creative, innovative activity as it emerges. While the number of clubs and mainstream concerts halls in New York is considerable, Roulette is unique in its persistent commitment to new, experimental work and the artists who make it. Roulette's audience understands and supports this distinction. Roulette encourages artist-audience interaction and seeks to broaden understanding and awareness of the work presented. Many artists who have performed in this intimate, nurturing setting early in their careers go on to appear in prestigious venues including Lincoln Center, the Brooklyn Academy of Music and many European concert halls. As Roulette is offering its 30th season, it has become a familiar and inviting environment for the public to contact innovative new work.


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Roulette's EASY NOT EASY Festival

Back in October of 2010 with the announcement of Roulette's new space in Brooklyn, we held a series of special concerts to raise awareness for the new space and gather together a wide range of artists to celebrate! The EASY NOT EASY Festival was the first of these events. Using the idea of "Simple Scores" as a starting point, we asked a wide array of some of NYC's most exciting young artists to compose and perform a series of "simple" new pieces as well as some compositions by more established artists.  

UPLOADED:Apr 13, 2011