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REGISTERED:Feb 8, 2012
We are an artist focussed music platform and work on building fair structures for the music cosmos. Our tools help artists, labels and event organizers to connect with each other, earn more money and gain more attention. The modern technology saves them a lot of work so they have more time for the important stuff – making music. Music makes life worth living. We love uncovering fresh talent, going to great live gigs and holding lovingly designed albums in our hands. We work all day for those who put their whole life into their music. Emerging technology is constantly changing
the music business and with it the demands placed on artists.  In order to unlock the huge potential of the Internet, a modern system of copyrights, fair structures and transparency are necessary. If the majority says that things can’t be changed, that only increases our motivation to do so. The artist should always be the first to profit from their music.


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