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Phoning It In

lo-fi is the right fi: dj talksonthephone calls up all your favorite musicians for live over-the-phone performances and awkward conversation.

Phoning It In is a radio program hosted by Nadav Carmel on KDVS in Davis, CA. Past hosts include Carrie Hadler, James Brandt, and Gabe Miller, on BSR in Providence, RI and WMBR in Cambridge, MA.

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phoningitin on 09/07/2010 at 10:22PM

Two More

Slowly but Shirley...

C. Strøm
Elephant Micah

For more Elephant Micah, please see/hear this wonderful episode of WNYC's wonderful 'Spinning On Air.'

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phoningitin on 07/07/2010 at 11:15PM

Slowly But Surely...

Slowly but surely I'm uploading highlights from the all of the Phoning It In episodes recorded to date, over the course of three radio stations, five hosts, and 500+ guests from three continents. Recent uploads include:

-Some really unhinged blues from John Roundcity & Dooley Wilson;
-The Magnetic-Fields-on-banjo stylings of The Harvey Girls;
-Teenbeat legends Mark Robinson and Evelyn Hurley's latest project, Cotton Candy;
-Folk punk's finest, Madeline;
-Goat Bell's Chicago hardcore;
-Mild Winter's country lullabies;
-And Derek Joe Brockett's heavy-as-sin country dirges.

Still to come: Blevin Blectum, Lou Barlow, Cryptacize, Shark Toys, and more, more, more!

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douglasawh on 01/05/12 at 09:49PM
What is the most recent show uploaded to FMA? Not when was it most recently uploaded, but when was it recorded? I'm listening to Patrick Porter which I assume was from 2005. It looks like the most recent post was in 2010. I'm wondering why the uploads stopped. Is the show still going?
phoningitin on 01/30/12 at 01:02AM

Most recent show uploaded to the FMA dates from July 2008. Show is currently off the air, but there are hundreds of episodes for free (though not CC-licensed) download at I'll be uploading more shows to the FMA soon, and hopefully new episodes will be recorded at some point. Thanks for listening!
adal2007 on 05/10/15 at 11:20PM
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