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PLAYLISTS CREATED:1 is a magazine about free mp3 music culture. Our magazine offers you free music to download from netlabels and musicians all over the globe. We pick the finest songs and digg the fattest grooves out of terrabytes of music released under a creative commons licence. Listen to our podcast, have a look into our mp3-archive of free music and read our portraits of amazing netlabels and musicians.

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Phlow on 12/16/2009 at 04:33PM

Fill your music bucket and grab a piece of our Music Advent Calendar proudly presents the "Best Creative Commons Music Moments 2009". Each day we present you a mixtape and charts from free music activists worldwide.


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svenswift on 11/01/2009 at 04:41PM

Abby Lee Tee: Austria Glitch Excellence

Abby Lee Tee a.k.a. DJ Abillity spinning Hyper Dub 12"... Excellent fit.

Austria, Vienna in particular, got Dorian Concept and The Clonious when it comes to forward-thinking beat music. Both these guys have a unique style rooted in Jazz, Soul and Funk but filtered and distorted by their love for electronic (dance-) music. While the scene strongly focuses on the US Bay Area and the UK, originating from Austria makes you an outsider still. But being overlooked is not necessarily a problem. Abby Lee Tee a.k.a. DJ Abillity calls Linz home, and what we hear from down there is 100% next level shit.

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katya-oddio on 06/22/10 at 03:42PM
Mo and the Phlow crew have great ears. They are excellent human filters for the remarkable plethora of fantastic free music today.

Their Netlabel Catalogue is an important reference work for those who create, use, and enjoy copyleft music.
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