Oddio Overplay



Oddio Overplay began in the 1990s as a directory for music shared online. As technology grew, so did Oddio by hosting original music and radio shows. When netlabels first appeared, Oddio Overplay was right there to filter through all the sounds and connect listeners with new artists.
:::::: FMA History: Admin: 2009 - 2019. Curator: 2009 - 2019. Member: 2008 - present. Fan: always! :: At one time, I had added 20% of all the audio tracks on the whole FMA project. As an admin, I contributed audio and mixes as Oddio Overplay, Music For Video, and other curators and netlabels; created and maintained label, artist, and album pages; worked on genres and tags; wrote blog posts as myself and other curators; and a bunch of other behind the scenes tasks. :::::: Super happy that the Free Music Archive has become part of the Tribe of Noise. Artists, I hope you enjoy renewed appreciation and new paid work opportunities. Come back and give ToN a shot. Listeners, I hope you fall in love daily and support the artists you discover here. Tribe of Noise, I wish you every success. Thank you for rescuing the FMA.