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The Rosebuds (photo by Ron Henry)
The Whore Moans (photo by Laura Totten)

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KEXP is a nonprofit, public radio station with terrestrial listeners in Seattle and New York and around the world on with a mission to bring music that matters into people’s lives. 

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KEXP In-Studio Highlights, May 7-15 2010


paulsmith on 10/10/2012 at 01:00AM

KEXP Live Music Highlights 2012

laura musselman duffy/flickr

Seattle’s KEXP delivered us a great mix of some of their best sessions from January to February of this year, featuring local and international artists and bands. Here's our guide to the tracks:
From Seattle, Sandrider preview their self-titled debut, released on Good To Die Records. 'Crysknife' sees them at their loudest. Sprawling 13-piece ensemble Orkestar Zirkonium list funk, punk, klezmer, and Eastern European and Indian styles as their inspiration, resulting in a distinct sound that's both boisterous and drum-and-brass-driven.

Then there's lo-fi folkster Bill Campbell, who performs under the guise of Thee Midnight Creep and plays a spooky autoharp. Singer-songwriter Damien Jurado writes ambitious psychedelic folk compositions that'll make you swoon.
Representing Portland next is warehouse band Blouse who preview its self-titled debut with a song called ‘Into The Black.’ Quasi, an indie trio formed in 1993, comprising ex husband and wife Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss and bassist Joanna Bolme, play 'Case Of No Way Out'.  Laura Gibson is a Portland-bases folk singer and songwriter. ‘La Grabde,’ is the title track of her acclaimed 2012 album.


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jason on 06/24/2011 at 12:15PM

KEXP @ Iceland Airwaves // S.H. Draumur Reunion

This week, Iceland Airwaves announced the latest additions to their lineup for October 2011, prompting a look & a listen back to KEXP's trip to Reykjavik for Iceland Airwaves 2010 featuring some of Iceland's most exciting artists.

Today I'd like to spotlight the avant-punk band S.H. Draumur from Kópavogur, Iceland. Originally active from 1982-1988, the three-piece was inspired by Pere Ubu, Suicide, Swell Maps, Joy Division and The Birthday Party, as well as by the vibrant Icelandic music scene, where they served as the local opener for Swans and Einsturzende Neubauten. Along with a handful of cassettes and 7"s, S.H. Draumur recorded one LP -- Goð -- over the course of 50 hours spent in a YMCA community center, as bassist/vocalist Dr. Guuni recounts in The Reykjavik Grapevine.

That sought-after LP (picutred R) was reissued by Iceland's Kimi Records in 2010 to coincide with S.H. Draumur's reunion at the Iceland Airwaves Festival. KEXP was there all the way from Seattle (Reykjavik's "sister city") to record the performance (stream it here), and "Nótt Eins Og Þessi" (below) is part of KEXP's Iceland Airwaves MP3 compilation.

KEXP will return to Iceland Airwaves for the third year in a row Oct 12-16th 2011. This year's lineup again features an incredible array of Icelandic artists (including Retro Stefson and Who Knew who are also featured in KEXP's 2010 mix) and internationals (tUnE-yArDs, K-X-P, Liturgy, Dungen, Suuns, and Beach House to name a few). Check out the latest on the 2011 lineup here and more of KEXP's Iceland Airwaves coverage here.

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icastico on 01/12/10 at 04:18AM
Seattle-based aboombong, now available on the FMA...check it out.
PopWinds on 05/30/10 at 04:34PM
Hey KEXP, Check out this album!
douglasawh on 05/21/12 at 02:48AM
Tom and I had Jason from WFMU on the Music Manumit Podcast to talk about WFMU and FMA. We'd like to have someone on from KEXP to discuss the cool things you are doing. Hit me up if someone would be interested.
Kidkraft Kitchen on 10/17/14 at 08:54AM
I love "Retro Stefson"
Thanks for this list.
Cafegan on 02/11/15 at 03:08AM
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