About International Society for Improvised Music

REGISTERED:Oct 4, 2012
Melding diverse cultures, ethnicities, disciplines, and ideas that shape society at large, today’s musical world is increasingly characterized by creative expressions that transcend conventional style categories. Improvisation is a core aspect of this global confluence of this eclectic musical activity. Initially used to describe jazz and its offshoots, improvised music now encompasses a broad spectrum of formats-from computer music and multi-media collaborations to string quartets, bebop bands and multiethnic fusion. Improvisation is spontaneous interaction between musicians from the most disparate backgrounds, dissolution of boundaries between performers and listeners, and access to the transcendent dimensions of creative experience. Improvisation is at
the heart of a new musical paradigm that uniquely reflects contemporary life. Musical improvisation sheds light on creativity in many fields, as corporate executives, educators, athletes, medical professionals and other practitioners recognize an improvisatory core to success and fulfillment in their respective disciplines. ISIM brings together artists, listeners, teachers, industry professionals, and researchers, to further the growth and understanding of improvisation in our educational systems and society at large.


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