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REGISTERED:Sep 12, 2012
.....Here on the FMA Boston Hassle's main objective is to shine a light on overlooked and forgotten New England music oddities and gems; to breathe new life into bands and albums and songs that should be cherished, but rather have been crushed by our horrible mainstream culture....... The non-profit, completely volunteer run BOSTON HASSLE Arts Organization is made up of three parts: the Boston Hassle website/ webzine, the Boston Compass newspaper, and Boston Hassle Shows which organizes and programs live music events and festivals, and actively tries to find new spaces for hosting engaging all ages music and art performances.
BOSTON HASSLE Arts Organization Mission Statement:Foster an innovative, compelling, and interconnected music, art, and film community in the greater Boston area through grassroots and inclusive participatory culture.   BOSTON HASSLE’s initial goal is to open an all ages, all inclusive music & art performance space to serve as a haven for the wild and weirdly entertaining, the thought provoking, and the forward thinking musicians and artists of the Boston area and their touring brethren. We envision a volunteer run, multi-functional space constantly filled with music and art, and offering workshops to volunteers and community members. We seek partnership with individuals or groups interested in opening an eatery or retail space. If you or someone you know would be interested in helping us with our plan, or interested in partnering with us, please get in touch so that we may share information with you.Email us: bostonhassle@gmail.comAbout the BOSTON HASSLE webite:The Boston Hassle website/webzine is a music/art/film blog, and Boston & surrounding areas (we stand with all of NEW ENGLAND) events guide. There are many, many other music, and art, and film blogs out there, and many other Boston events blogs. We are different because we are interested in serving as a guide to, and never ending quest for underground sounds (American and from everywhere else), film, art, and thangs. Psych, punk, weird, pop, electronic, loud, experimental, and awesome music with one eye looking back and the other forward is what you will find here. Boston happenings, suggestions, and ideas we will spurt. We're also big proponents of all ages music events. High and low brow smashed to pieces and forever mixed together. Boston Hassle is written by many great musicians, artists, writers, and enthusiasts  from the Boston area and well beyond.


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