Edited onSeptember 27, 2022

Meet The Keepers of Still Town

The Keepers Of Still Town are Jimmy Lloyd and Daniel Ghent.

FMA Team

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the duo met in Los Angeles in 2011 and became fast friends based on their shared passion for songwriting. They formed The Keepers Of Still Town in 2019 and have released 10 albums since then with new songs dropping weekly since the beginning of 2021. All of their songs are true co-writes in the purest sense. As far as process, everything begins with a complete set of lyrics which Jimmy composes. Once done, he and Daniel discuss the vibe or atmosphere the song should have and set to work on the music.

The two have developed a language all their own for this process and often cross genres within songs. Their influences are many and Jimmy has described their sound as "brand new yet strangely familiar". Daniel is a true master of every instrument under the sun and the combination of Jimmy and Daniel's collective energy, imagination, and production ability give new meaning to the term "prolific". The earmark of a Keepers Of Still Town song is intelligent lyrics with a heartfelt sentiment combined with sonic atmospherics surrounded and underscored by a compositional mastery. The Keepers Of Still Town say they approach every new song as an adventure and are excited to keep churning out new music. - Jimmy Lloyd

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