Edited onSeptember 27, 2022

Meet Policy

Policy is FMA artist Mark Buchwald.

Policy is an accomplished drummer/percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, studio session player, actor, recording engineer, producer, and music business consultant.

FMA Team

The Abby Rose - Released 2022

This album is a bit more commercial electro-pop than the debut release "Echo Chambers". The process for this record is also different from my first record. For this record, I pretty much did all the recording/mixing, mastering, and most of the musical writing. This album features collaborations with the talented Amy Jo Scott, Airinna Namara, Polly Zaremba Dudek, and the piano work of Michael Eric Schirch(Past The Upset). The first single off the album is "Trick My Heart" (Feat. Airinna Namara). The inspiration for this record really came by surprise. I was still promoting "Echo Chambers" and in the process of remodeling my home studio. One day I just sat down and the first track I worked on was "Fade Away" and then pretty much had all the music done for the whole record in a few months. - Policy

Echo Chambers - Released 2020

This was my first full record as a DJ/Producer. I'm a drummer first and I was finally ready to put my own record out as a multi-instrumentalist and producer. The record featured collaborations with amazing artists and is a bit more house than commercial electro-pop. It also includes a few emotional instrumentals. I wrote/composed all the music as well. "Echo Chambers" was a joint effort as far as producing and engineering. I collaborated with my Uncle on this effort. I was very inspired by some of my favorite DJ/Producers including deadMau5 but certainly wanted to stamp my own sound. - Policy

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