Edited onNovember 08, 2022

Meet Jorge Mario Zuleta

Meet Jorge Mario Zuleta. A film director, producer, and editor, born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica. A Proud father of three.

He is primarily known for his experimental short films such as Frondio (2019), Soft Calm (2015), and Cuando Ella Vuelva (2018). His works have been shown at various film festivals.

FMA Team

I am a video artist who explores moving images using different approaches. The work of musicians has been essential in feeding my creativity. Music transports consciousness to regions that cannot yet be defined. I am not a trained musician. This permits me to remain grateful to all the artists who kindly offer their work. My sound creation process is analogous to the one I use to create video art. Graphic and auditory images are complexly created. - Jorge Mario Zuleta

The 52 Weeks Project - Released 2015
I had to wait several years to produce The 52 Weeks Project. I had to wait for my creative voice to emerge.

My expectations were quite high, and no project felt adequate. This occurred as a result of the training to replicate great masters instead of finding myself. This soundtrack is the outcome of a 52-week production. I shot weekly films for a year. It would be paradoxical if the outcome of my effort was withheld when my fellow musicians kindly shared so much inspiration. - Jorge Mario Zuleta

Shorts 2016 - Released 2016
This album contains soundtracks of the short films I created in 2016. For these records, I've been labelled as a cross between Dada and Punk.

In my work, I've employed a variety of sound-creation techniques. Formally, I should be categorized as a concrete musician. I collect analog and digital pieces from mechanical and electrical machines. They can also be algorithms that manage digital data. - Jorge Mario Zuleta

Fauxette - Released 2017
Fauxette is another album that delves into soundscapes. The title is a play on words that refers to anything that is partly fake.

Publishing under the CC0 license has allowed me to gather hundreds of echoes of my work all across the Internet. I've noticed that my soundtracks may be found in a wide range of projects. Creators have been nice and polite enough to credit me, even though it is not required. This brings me immense joy and a purpose to keep sharing my projects in this community.

Furthermore, these soundtracks were created as the result of my work as an experimental filmmaker. My films have been shown at a number of specialized film festivals, and I intend to continue creating sound and visual sensations. I hope that my voice and creations will continue to have a tremendous platform like FMA, which, allows me to connect with others via my work. - Jorge Mario Zuleta

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