Edited onNovember 23, 2022

Meet Jahzzar

Jahzzar is a Javier Suarez from Spain.

Jahzzar’s music offers sounds for ideas, to enjoy, share, and use. Instrumental music in all styles. From Folk-Rock to Dub, from traditional Celtic music to Funk and Soul, Trip hop, or IDM. Classic Pop, Synthpop, Dream Pop, Shoegaze…

No matter the language, just communicate.

FMA Team

Paris, Lisboa - Released 2012
I was fortunate to discover Paris and Lisboa, and it was walking through those streets that I had the idea of giving them music. Paris, Lisboa is therefore an attempt to recreate some of those great places, resorting to the sounds that are most familiar to them.

Alfama is a street maze. Montmartre with its coffee shops, its slopes. St. Germain Boulevard with the people sitting outside, the traffic, the movie theaters. Bookshops in Chiado, the long bridges. Songs inspired by these cities, and especially music that tries to go beyond borders. Keeps you company along other walks and landscapes, in many other hoods of many other cities. An attempt to bring these cities closer to the listener. - Jahzzar

The Crowd - Released 2012
Like a big city; a place full of people walking in different directions, crossing each other, with different destinations. Looking, avoiding, ignoring, finding …. For relaxation, to stress out, to go in a hurry, to think … Good times and bad times, all at once. You close your eyes under a tree in the park, while listening to sirens in the distance … Influences… Wide avenues, shopping centres, Sonic Youth, Lotus Plaza, wait for the bus, large queues, distorted guitars coming out of a garage, street art, Fender Jaguar, Kurt & Courtney, A+E, Stone Gossard late for an appointment, up early with a hangover, bike lane… crowds…

Indie guitar rock, grunge, shoegaze … so saturated that it relaxes. At other times with that tranquillity which ends up being stressful. A contrast. The Crowd is an album in which each instrument makes its way, sometimes the opposite to the other instruments. Several guitars, each with a different chord. It's a tumult and noise, and at the same time melancholy. Because ultimately, all this tumult, this apparent chaos, ends up sounding a tune. - Jahzzar

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