Edited onOctober 19, 2022

Meet Black Pudding Poetry

Black Pudding Poetry is Johanna Wedin-Duda.

Black Pudding Poetry is an alternative singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and a DIY music producer from Sweden. She is inspired by Wabi Sabi, unpredictable audience and things you say or sing just once. Whenever possible, she collaborates on stage with her sister, the contemporary dancer and choreographer Ulrika Wedin.

FMA Team

Photo by Jonas Andersson

“Truly Sweden’s best kept secret; Johanna is the epitome of a true musician. Her music, carefully crafted, honest and real, will hit you in the heart. Watching her play is taking a journey, there are highs, lows, laughs, tears and ultimately the warmest of feelings.
” — Ny Oh Naomi Ludlow

Black Pudding Poetry Lo-fi recordings, unpolished and intimate, have travelled the world and ended up in heartfelt projects and film productions. FMA has made strangers from all over the place (planet) feel familiar. When the music industry builds upon numbers, streams and followers, I shut my eyes and build songs upon how it feels in my body when I play. My songwriting is an addictive and healing process build upon my obsession, my instruments and upon the use of limitations. I’ve always been drawn to the saddest place within people, and in songwriting I address that space. When performing I try to fill it with love, music and laughter. In the deepest of seriousness, the biggest laugh is born. — Black Pudding Poetry / Johanna Wedin-Duda

It's so hard to see – Released 2022
One of two single releases this year; It’s so hard to see was used by the art/animation student Rem-Iseul Kim (USA) who made a surprising animation and a precious interpretation that I love. See the music video here.

Rest in confusion – Released 2022
My latest release; Rest in confusion and the story behind it, is also available here on FMA. The song was meant to be part of an upcoming EP, but life made other plans and so did I. The rest of my half-finished projects will be released half naked and just like this one, in the name of Wabi Sabi. — Black Pudding Poetry / Johanna Wedin-Duda

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