Edited onSeptember 27, 2022

5 Artists Creating New Music & Fresh Opportunities!

Tribe of Noise, with financial support from Buma/Stemra and the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science, invited 5 musicians to create new music and explore a wide range of licensing models.

FMA Team

Dieter van der Westen, Alex Figueira (Music Got Soul), JulesFK, Caslo, and another Day, all based in The Netherlands, are finalizing their albums right now. Unique artists, with totally different journeys who happen to have something in common: the ability to create music from scratch and make clever choices about distribution and licensing.

The mantra of this project was: You create, you decide! Tribe of Noise’s Head of Music, Marko Roca, explains: “We work with a combination of copyright law, non-exclusive exploitation agreements, and the global standard for sharing, Creative Commons. This combination gives artists maximum flexibility. They can share music under their own terms and at the same time make money via fair, transparent business models.”

Marko continues: “During this project, we sat down to share the possibilities, talk about the different ways in which music licenses can be explored, and learn from each other's experiences. We also checked in from time to time while they were recording with session artists, trying different lyrics or reshaping the melodies. What we heard was very promising!”

All 5 artists agreed to freely share the albums on the popular Free Music Archive and offer the songs for commercial licensing opportunities to YouTubers, podcasters, and other media creators on Tribe of Noise PRO. Last but not least, they still have the ability to receive royalty payments for other use cases via their performing rights organization Buma/Stemra.

Check out the brand new albums and tracks and get a taste of the albums in the brand new featured mix of the Fresh Dutch Vibes Vol. 2 Mix below.

Berlin To Bamako by Dieter van der Westen
Commercial Use? Go to ToN PRO | Free to Access

Mentallogenic by Alex Figueira
Commercial Use? Go to ToN PRO | Free to Share

CASLO Vol. 1 by Caslo
Commercial Use? Go to ToN PRO | Free to Share

Another Day by Another Day
Commercial Use? Go to ToN PRO | Free to Share

Het regent in Europa by Jules FK
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