Free Music Archive Upload Policy

Last Updated July 20,2023

1. Definitions

Capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms of Use and the Curator Policy.

2. Simple Guidelines for Uploading

a. To upload audio and/or video files, you must have a Curator, Contributor, or Contributing Artist account.

b. Please read the Copyrights and Licenses section (below) carefully.

i. You represent and warrant, before uploading an audio file or a video file to the Free Music Archive, that have secured all rights and/or permissions necessary to post the Content, and that you understand and agree to the provisions of the Content's license. You must specify the Content’s license while uploading the file.

ii. Do not upload Content if you cannot warrant that a visitor can legally and freely download it for private use.

c. Do not upload Content that is obscene, illegal, defamatory, or libelous, or that violates any right of privacy, right of publicity, or moral rights, according to Dutch law and the laws of your jurisdiction.

d. Audio files must be Constant Bit-Rate mp3 files, preferably 320kbps

e. When uploading an audio file, you will be prompted for information about the file so that the file can be accurately tagged.

3. Copyrights and Licenses

Unless otherwise specified, by uploading Content to the Free Music Archive, you agree that you have the right to permit the Free Music Archive to make use of such materials as set forth herein and:

a. that you own or control all necessary rights in and to such Content, including but not limited to any and all copyrights in sound recordings, musical compositions, and/or literary works embodied in such Content; or

b. in the alternative, that such Content is either in the Public Domain according to U.S. law as well as the law of your jurisdiction or licensed under Creative Commons.

c. You further agree that other Users may access or download your Content for free, subject to the specific licensing terms that govern each audio and/or video file. You agree that the Free Music Archive and other Users of the Site will not be required to make any payments for use of your Content, including but not limited to payments to you, music publishers, unions, guilds, performance rights societies, neighboring rights organizations and any other persons who contributed to such Content.

4. Modifications

The Free Music Archive reserves the right to change the Upload Policy at any time, at its sole discretion. You are responsible for regularly reviewing the Policy. Your continued use of the Site constitutes your agreement to all terms embodied herein.