New Way To Empower Musicians on FMA


All musicians on FMA now have the power to enable monetization on all artist pages by becoming Coil Creators & gain support from Coil Members enjoying their music.

Coil is a membership to access tons of original content while empowering creators across the internet. 

While exploring new original content and visiting artist's pages on Free Music Archive, in support of creators; small amounts of money will travel from Coil Membership accounts to Musicians with a Coil Creator account on FMA.

Monetization for FMA Musicians
Join Coil now as a Creator. 

It's free and only 4 easy steps!


  1. Become a Coil Creator

    Visit Coil and sign up to create a Coil Creator account

  2. Choose your Digital Wallet

    Select your preferred digital wallet with GateHub or Uphold

  3. Add your Payment Pointer

    Under Monetization in your artist edit page, enter your Payment Pointer

  4. Enable your Monetization

    Click on the yes & save button to start monetizing your FMA artist page!

For assistance with monetization, please contact

Support FMA Musicians

Join Coil now as Member.

  1. Become a Coil Member

    Visit Coil to sign up to create a Coil Member Account

  2. Activate your Coil Membership

    Enter your Coil settings to activate your Coil power!

  3. Empower Musicians with Coil
    With your Coil Membership, you can support FMA artists such as Ketsa, Another Brick, Siddartha Corsus, Derek Clegg, Maikah Beats, Lobo Loco & more joining Coil!
  4. Enjoy FMA with Coil
    Check out FMA's very own Treasure Hunt exclusively for Coil Members! More perks & fun to come!


Discover More…

That’s not all!

Coil is used by other online platforms such as Imgur Emerald, Cinnamon, Hackernoon, js13kGames, and a lot more!

With your Coil membership, you can easily support not only Free Music Archive but all kinds of Coil-enabled sites, such as podcasts, gaming, tech, comedy, videos, blogs, and audiobooks.

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