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9/11 with the Jesus Lizard at ATPNY '09 by The Jesus Lizard

Album Description

Jesus Lizard perform at ATP NY at Monticello NY. 2009
David Yow w/ Jesus Lizard live in Torino, Italy 9/19/2009 (not at ATP but this photo encapsulates the ATP-NY experience pretty well!)
Released:September 10th, 2009
Recorded:September 11th, 2009
Engineer: Jason Sigal

Chicago post-punk legends The Jesus Lizard reunited in 2008 and performaed at May 2009's ATP vs. The Fans II: The Fans Strike Back in Minehead, England along with the likes of Devo, Killing Joke, and Sleep.

On the eve of 9/11/2009, The Jesus Lizard took the stage at the Stardust Ballroom in in Kutsher's Resort for All Tomorrow's Parties second annual New York festival. It was a blistering set of sharp-edged classics like "Mouth Breather", "Seasick", and even their Chrome cover (originally released on a Touch & Go 7''), and "Monkey Trick" which can be heard here on the Free Music Archive. The whole night, it felt like David Yow was gonna take his shirt off. He came very close, but the shirt stayed on.

Stream the full set here via WFMU



9/11 with the Jesus Lizard at ATPNY '09
16. Monkey Trick (04:16)

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