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Album Description

Released:February 11th, 2011

This is FM FUNK MADDNESS!! — an album of songs by 18 FM synth enthusiasts from all over the world, personally selected by zinger (founder and maintainer of Bringing the combination of frequency modulated tones and catchy, funky grooves blended with a portion of jazz and idm, we cordially invite you to join us on a fantastic journey to a world where slap rumble drives the beating of your heart.

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User Comments

Upitup Records on 02/15/11 at 07:58PM
Simply awesome compilation.
Is that Utabi the same Utabi of adaadaat fame?
purplebootmedia on 02/24/11 at 05:10PM
i'm kind of new to all this! I used your song 'Cascade masquerade' in a short audio slideshow that i wanted to use on some video hosting sites. With regard to the link you wish to be posted on the site where your song is featured, i'm having trouble, particularly with youtube. it's not allowing me to post the link however, I have provided all your details on the youtube page as well as at the end of my video.
Is this ok or would you be able to give me a better idea of how to post the actual link?
Many Thanks
enpootis on 12/17/13 at 09:35PM
this is absolutely wonderfull
Alextreme on 07/27/15 at 03:24AM
Five Nine Seven Eight remember me to Forbbiden Memories! :D
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