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Big Gay Water Fight by Plushgoolash


GaloDelRey on 02/27/12 at 08:54PM
Hey :B!! I want to use your " Big Gay Water Fight" for a short movie that i making for a International Film Festival in Guanajuato, Mexico!! The movie name is "Dark Precipice" not for profit or commercial!! here is a short review of the movie: Rebecca and Evelyn are opposite persons, Rebecca is a wild girl that likes to live the moment, while Evelyn is an honest girl that have a lot of dreams in the way. One day they discover that their friendship should have never been. Evelyn and Rebecca have a meeting with their darkest side, while they didn´t have clue, about how hard life will be.!! please!! please!! please!! x( :3
tcollins on 03/20/12 at 04:06AM
I would like your permission to use "Big Gay Water Fight" in a kickstarter video.
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