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Fools Want Noise by Oh My God

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Split Red Records (Chicago) 2007 release from Oh My God:

Billy O'Neill (vocals/bass)
Ig (organ/vocals)
Dathan DeVore (drums)
Anthony Gravino (guitar/vocals)



Fools Want Noise
05. Fools Want Noise (02:33)

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Jason Sigal on 09/05/2012 at 05:35PM

"Fools Want Noise" is not about noise music. It's Oh My God's punk rock anthem for a generation distracted by unlimited entertainment at our fingertips—and that's exactly what this jam delivers! Like a more spazztic Devo taking on Andrew WK's "Party Hard," it's in-your-face and irresistable as Angry Birds.

"The radio is on and the TV's on because nobody can make a choice," sings Billy O’Neill in a voice that echoes Dave Grohl. He's interrupted by a burst of pixelated organ from Ig (the band's co-founder who also plays with the likes of Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, Van Morrison, Jeff Healey and Otis Rush on the side). Billy: "You want more of that?"

Oh My God don't advocated for a white noise world, but they do seem to put a positive spin on whatever distractions come their way. The Chicago 4-piece have encountered an unfortunate series of distractions since forming in '99. First their practice space burnt down ("Oh my god…use their equipment in such a way…as to cause it to ignite and burst into flames" claimed the prosecuting attorney). In 2004, the band lost their gear again when their van was broken into. These awful events were followed by a terrible tragedy in 2007, when they were hit by a drunk driver in Ohio. The driver was killed, and the band spent the next six months in physical therapy.

These obstacles might very well have forced a band to give up, and Oh My God's great music to go unheard. But thousands of OMG fans the world over continue to follow the band as they have channeled such forces of life into six albums over their career, and there may even be more on the way. Oh My God are still playing shows, and may soon be hitting the road towards a town near you. As their facebook page declares, "oh my god is un stop able."

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