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LOCATION:Sydney, NSW, Australia

Holy Balm are a three piece psychedelic dance jam. Their heavy rhythms and droning textures have carved out a unique place in Sydney's underground DIY music and imrov scene. Holy Balm are informed by many styles of danceable inclusive musics as well as many forms of brutally heavy crack pot psychedelia. During live shows many dimensions of sound flourish into soothing rhythm potions, only to later transform into punch funk wobblies. Guitars become drums, synths form a molten expanse, blanketing the audience in waves of euphoria, disorientation and the impulse to move. The multiplicity of sound, dance and trance like states are all important to Holy Balm and hope to share this you when we meet. Pick it up and make a noise, make some time.



Holy Balm - "Sweater" (07:19)
Holy Balm - "Sweater" (07:19)


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