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Hayalgücü Spor Kulübü by Hayvanlar Alemi

Album Description

Released:September 10th, 2008
Recorded:Jul 15th - Aug 15th, 2008
Producer: Hayvanlar Alemi
Engineer: Raven Stüdyosu

On this five track self-released ep, Hayvanlar Alemi try their chance at some ska, dub, surf and rock'n'roll but end up playing psych again... "Güve Diskosu" is based on a Russian folk tune. "Ver Elini Hayvanlar Alemi" is an accidental free improv. The name of "Crossroad Metamorphosis" was given by a Danish tourist girl in a concert in Istanbul when it was first improvised as a "find-a-name-for-this-improv" contest.


Işık Sarıhan: Drums, Percussion
Özüm İtez: Electric Guitar, Bass on track 2
Hazar Mutgan: Bass
Gökçe Başar: Electric Guitar 

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NartraRadioRoma on 01/08/10 at 02:34AM
January 10, 2010 "NartraradioRoma" began to distribute the first Podcast on your blog, based on the free enjoyment of music and the first podcast di Dj Brontolo (Grumpy) there are also you come on and commented.. download .. good music to you!!!thanks..
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