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Ed Schrader's Music Beat: Live at WFMU on Talk's Cheap Aug 25th 2011

Album Description

Released:August 25th, 2011

You may know Wham City's Ed Schrader as the host of The Ed Schrader Show and The Ed Schrader Podcast, or as the voice of David Bowie trying his hand at standup comedy. Ed Schrader's Music Beat began with a floor tom, a little bit of reverb on the vocals, and a three-year tour of the USA. Now joined by bassist Devlin Rice (Nuclear Power Pants), Ed Schrader's Music Beat is bringing to mind minimalist Swans songs stripped to their essence with wit, concision, and a message. Providence's mighty Load Records is responsible for the tour-only "Rats" 7", and will release the debut ESMB LP Jazz Mind in fall 2011.

Watch live video on YouTube via Yvonne Szymczak, who also took the photos!

>> Playlist for Talk's Cheap on WFMU w/ Jason Sigal, Aug 25th 2011


Radio Program

Live at WFMU on Talk's Cheap Aug 25th 2011
01. Intro (00:18)
03. Interview 1 (00:53)
06. Interview 2 (00:32)
07. Air Show (02:09)
08. Rats (01:26)
09. Interview 3 (00:45)
11. Interview 4 (01:08)
12. Do The Maneuver (02:18)
14. Interview 5 (00:46)
15. Traveling (01:30)
16. Interview 6 (00:41)
18. Interview 7 (02:31)

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