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Büromaschinen is the electronic music project of the Rome based multi talented artist, LRNZ.

Büromaschinen has been producing tunes on trackers since the mid nineties and now is using an hardware only setup, recording everything live straight from the mixer.

Music is only one element of his creative output, he's also:

1: An amazing comic artist and animation director part of the Superamici crew
2: Highly skilled graphic designer 
3: Video game music expert 
4: Avid videogame console collector

His sound is a clever mix of detroit electrosci-fi nuances and amiga cracktros arpeggios with a deep emotional touch.

His Band:
No computer involved (unless specified).
Main sequencer and synthesizer: Elektron Monomachine SFX-60 MKII.
Drums: Elektron Machinedrum SPS1-UW.
Additional synthesizers: DSI Mopho desktop, Korg Micro Korg, Roland MicroComposer 202, virus ti2, Elektron Octatrack.
Additional FX: onboard (cheap) dsp fx from my trusty Behringer ugly mixer.
Chiptunes section involves different sequencing and synthesis, mostly Nintendo DS-10 by Korg and Fast Tracker on Amiga 500.
Recording devices: Studer Revox B77 HS MKII, Studer Revox A77. 



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