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Baby, Please Don't Go by Big Bill Broonzy


The Gent on 02/11/16 at 06:24AM
Not too confident this song is in the public domain/attribution side of things based on the copyright strike I got from using it...
MoonStorm on 04/06/16 at 04:45PM
Obviously for the artist or the copyright holder, nothing stops them from monetizing the content in different ways or under different licenses.

However, when the artist or the copyright holder entered the track on FMA, the permission extended to you for using the content according to the terms of the license, in this case CC by 4.0. You can find more info on the subject in the FAQ section on the site.

I don't know whether you conformed to the conditions of the license or not, but if you did, then the copyright strike is invalid on the basis of the above.
AusMatt on 04/06/17 at 01:36AM
Used this in one of my videos. Track was claimed by "INgrooves
On behalf of: Broken Audio".
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