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Electronic Musik. A DIY label which specialises in experimental electronica and improvised music. Formed in 2000 it’s run by the Sound Artist / Improvisor Ian Simpson (aka Noise Research) and is non profit making which enables the label to release exactly what it wants (ie: what it likes) and not to charge high prices (or in many cases, no charges at all). Ian is based in the U.K.

Artists include Eddie Prevost, Wolf Eyes, Demons, Astral Social Club, The A Band,Fonik, Pangea, ARK, Gnod, Phroq, John Kannenberg, Sannyasin, Bacillus, Noise Research, Vok, Daniel Weaver, Narshe, Lol Coxhill, Paul Burnell + more.

Ian's improvising electronics project “LDT” was the original driving force behind this when he realised that the potential of the Internet was huge for musicians and artists such as himself who would attract no interest from commercial labels. Hence the catalogue is available only through the Internet or at live events.

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electronicmusik on 02/27/2011 at 09:38PM

New release on aReW from Richard Knight and Noise Research


aReW have released a new album by Richard Knight and Noise Research.


Richard Knight and Noise Research – Unified Theory (RW-033)


Richard Knight is a sonic/computational artist, usually performing with digital equipment and an emphasis on spectral ambiguity. Knight also utilises mixing desks as sound sources: a typically passive audio device subverted to become an expressive instrument. Output is derived from the tenuous area between feedback and feedforward – the hazy and perplexing cusp between order and chaos.

For this recording, both analogue and digital processes were used, combined as to blur the distinction.

Noise Research (aka UK sound manipulatist Ian Simpson) has adopted an uncompromising approach in both playing and performance which has led to his involvement as a performer with ‘The Frakture Big Band’ (Liverpool), Noise Club (Liverpool), Janx: The Gathering (Wirral), ‘Gnod’ (Manchester) Aht-N (Cumbria) & ‘Fonik’ (Warrington). He also actively organises and promotes performances in UK including the Pyramid Experimental Music Festival and Manchester based Electronic Organica Nights (co-organised with Richard).

Like Richard, Ian has also used both analogue & digital mediums to produce the sounds you hear on this project.

This is the first official collaboration between Richard & Ian although they have performed live together over the last couple of years. Further recording will take place this year which is to include additional musicians / artists.

I’m looking for any who wishes to review thisto get in touch (or just go ahead and review !)


download FREE here

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electronicmusik on 02/15/2010 at 05:42PM

Fonik - New Instrumental Usage (Em089)

Part of the Electronic Musik back catalogue originally released in 2007 as a limited edition cdr.

Free download here http://www.archive.org/details/NewInstrumentalUsageem089

Features two improvisations with Pascal Nichols (Part the Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides).

Harry Gallimore - electronics

Ian Simpson - prepared lapsteel

Pascal Nichols - percussion

Track one was recorded with microphones outside the circle, track two recorded with microphones within the circle.




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