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DinuraCreations is a Musical Record Label and Publisher which is devoted for promotion of Sri Lankan folk music. Its goal is to offer a universal access for the people who may want to enjoy and use Sri Lankan traditional music for their own projects and researches free. The Label grants people rights to use its publications for educational and even for commercial purposes under a Attribution-NoDerivatives License.(CC BY-ND)

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DinuraCreations on 11/08/2018 at 11:25AM

The Last Post On FMA by DinuraCreations | W.D. Amaradeva Songs List

W.D. Amaradeva Songs List

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DinuraCreations on 11/04/2018 at 09:01AM

Oba Ma Samaga - Pandith W.D. Amaradeva

Click #DinuraCreations for the top & latest Sinhala songs. Oba Ma Samaga Lyrics: ඔබ මා සමඟ අතිනත ගන්නා දවස

මේ මහ කන්ද බැලුවා හිද ගම සිරස

ඔබ මා අතැර වෙන නුවරක ගිය විගස

මේ මහ කන්ද බැලුවා හොරැහින් මදෙස

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