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White Market is a radio show and a podcast about netaudio, Creative Commons music and free culture by Rute Correia.

Our promise to deliver netaudio music and raise free culture awareness is also stated on our collection here on Free Music Archive.

You can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, listen to us on Mixcloud and, last but not the least, you can also listen to some of our old podcasts on Internet Archive. If you're into radio, you can also listen to us every Sunday at 8pm (UK time) on Spark FM.

White Market is a completely independent and volunteer-based project. It is also the natural successor of Programa Marca Branca*.


*Between 2008 and 2013, Programa Marca Branca was the only regular Portuguese radio show exclusively dedicated to netaudio and free culture, with weekly podcasts and features about this digital universe. The show was brodcast on five different radio stations in Portugal and Spain. The project had to go on hold at the end of 2013.

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Roulet - "Atilua" (03:55)
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DarkSunn - "Fremen" (03:48)

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programamarcabranca on 08/21/2015 at 02:33PM

Neon lights and shiny beats

.: Photo by Kevin Dooley :. CC-BY

Another Friday, another upload to Free Music Archive. This week, we visit the neon lights and shiny beats of Taseh's Dekotora. Released back in December 2012 by Monster Jinx, the album is a cool mixture of edgy electronic music with fresh glitch influences. Even though it includes some sounds for the most lovey-dovey, it's more like one for the adventurous souls out there.

Dekotora is published under an Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike Creative Commons licence, which means you can use it on your non-profit projects, as long as you credit the artist and share your work under the same licence.

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programamarcabranca on 08/12/2015 at 11:25AM

Love, beats and bass

.: Photo by Duncan C :. CC-BY-NC

Coming straight from Rio de Janeiro, Boss Bass has been bringing love, beats and bass music to the world for quite a long time now. Heavily influenced by genres such as dub, dubstep, bass music and drum & bass, he has published works on Noudrags Records and Psicotropicodelia; both dedicated to electronic music and two of the most exciting Brazilian netlabels.

"Love For Everyone Everywhere" was released in 2011 and it quickly became one of my favourite CC records. It is released under an Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike licence.

Guess what? "Love For Everyone Everywhere" is now part of our collection on FMA, so you can download it even more easily. This is a fresh record, with heavy bass and a sublime mixture of samba, bossa-nova and drum'n'bass, which wikipedia calls Sambass (or Drum 'n' Bossa), which is a one of the most prominent drum'n'bass variants in Brazil. If you're into fat bass lines and drops in your music, this is one for you to grab.


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