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PLAYLISTS CREATED:1 is a community music site that promotes remix culture and makes samples, remixes, and a cappella tracks licensed under Creative Commons available for download and re-use in creative works. Visitors are able to listen to, sample, mash-up, or interact with music in a variety of ways including the download and use of tracks and samples in their own remixes. Most sampling or mash-up web sites on the Internet stipulate that users forgo their rights to the new song once it is created. By contrast, the material on is generally licensed to be used in any arena, not just the ccMixter site or a specific contest. The ccMixter site contains over 10,000 samples from a wide range of recording artists, including high profile artists such as Beastie Boys and David Byrne.

As a cultural phenomenon, ccMixter represents a direct response to what some say is the increasingly litigious attitude of organizations like the RIAA—one which prevents artists from appropriating elements of others' work for creative reuse in their own.

The site originated as a project of Creative Commons but in October of 2009, Creative Commons licensed the name 'ccMixter' and transferred operations to ArtisTech Media, a company run by members of the ccMixter community. The project maintains close organizational ties to independent minded, open music labels such as Magnatune and BBE. The site runs on ccHost, an award winning open source multimedia content management system that is able to keep track of how content is being remixed.

In February 2009, Victor Stone, project lead of ccMixter, posted a "memoir" detailing the history and philosophy of the first four years of operations at the site.

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hfayekay on 06/04/2014 at 02:42AM

ccMixter's BIG Music Festival

This summer FMA curator ccMixter-whose main squeeze is embracing remix culture via the way of Creative Commons- is putting together a virtual version of the Coachellas, Bonaroos, & Primaveras of the world: the BIG Music Fest. The event will be comprised of 7 "stages" rotating throughout the Summer beginning May 30th running through til August 30. Each week artists (you!) will be creating content for specific genre-d stages (this week it's songwriter/unplugged/folk/bluegrass/ country but hip hop/triphop will be up at the end of July!) culminating with a live-streaming event mixing all genres. You can also participate by curating playlists, hosting podcasts, & assembling the highest quality of sounds for eventual releases to be distributed on the likes of iTunes & Amazon.

The FMA is happy to provide artists & ccMixters with a playlist of remix-worthy tracks & sounds with summer-y dispositions ideal for incorporating into your submissions to the BIG Music Fest. Listen to the playlist below & for more details on the event click here (& here's a press release too!)

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jason on 04/05/2010 at 03:00PM

ccMixter's Secret Mixter

ccMixter is a community music website, and a big inspiration to our work here on the FMA. ccMixter focuses on remix-friendly audio, and its users offer sample packs, a capellas, and stems under collaboration-friendly Creative Commons licenses. The site has built up a thriving community that ranges from up-and-coming amateurs and hobbyists to worldclass professional producers. 

Victor Stone -- the major force behind ccMixter since its inception in 2004 -- wrote a fascinating memoir about the first four years (which you can read here, CC licensed naturally). In one section, he recalls that the site originally came about as a place to host the results of the Creative Commons/ WIRED remix contest. The site would go on to host contests by the likes of Vieux Farka Toure, Fort Minor (of Linkin Park), and the Copyright Criminals documentary. Over time, the community started to suffer from what Victor calls "remix fatigue"; more importantly, the idea of a remix contest that promotes a certain artist seemed at odds with the community-oriented nature of the site. As Victor puts it in his memoir, "contests were a construct of the commercial economy and simply didn't fit into ccMixter's sharing economy".

The last couple years, ccMixter has found some really cool ways to engage the community in projects that are better suited to the sharing economy. Last month's March Mixup Madness, the Secret Mixter, is a great example.

MC Jack in the Box, producer and host of ccMixter's Cool Music Show podcast, explains what the Secret Mixter is all about:

The Secret Mixter is a semi-regular feature the artists of ccmixter have created to bring them together as a community, and the resulting music is testament to the fact that as a whole, this is a labor of love. You remix somebody secretly and you get remixed secretly. It's that simple. There is no prize, nothing to win, and the most you can hope for your time and involvement is to be reciprocated back in a similar fashion. It brings out the best in its participants, as they are creating a gift for someone else, and the gift to the listener is a wealth of great music from an incredible array of diverse talent.

I've picked a dozen of my favorite tracks from the most recent version of the Secret Mixter, in a variety of genres, which I think truly represent what this project and the community is all about.

The full results of last month's mixter are available here. And if you want to dig deeper, ccMixter recently launched the beta version of their new music discovery tool, dig.ccmixter. Dig is a great way to tap into some of the amazing sounds coming out of the ccMixter community, with advanced filtering options and featured picks. So "dig in" if you haven't already, and we look forward to more ccMixter-curated mixes on the FMA.

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