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Tom of Lorenzo's Music and Doug of blocSonic started Music Manumit in May of 2010 after attempting to plan a live show in Madison for a year. We're still interested in putting together live shows, but more importantly, we're always looking for guests that release under remixable licenses. We often talk about Creative Commons, but any remixable license will do!

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douglasawh on 03/04/2017 at 11:32AM

It's been over two years again

Remix blocSonic

Well, it's been over two years ago. In that time, Doug and Tom have both joined blocSonic in different capacities. Doug is doing A&R work and contracts. Tom and his band have joined as musicians!

The reason for this post is to promote blocSonic's remix initiative. Of course, Music Manumit has never accepted anything that did not allow remix (other than one time on April Fool's Day).

Check out http://blocsonic.com/remix-us for more info.

Seems like something is going on with the ability to add tracks, so I'll probably check back later and see if I can add the tracks that we are trying to get remixed.

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lrockhq on 07/21/2015 at 11:51PM

State Signal Secrets & Dread Pirate Love

The Black Penguins recently released everything in ones and zeros, an homage to freedom fighting internet natives in the form of electronic music. The Black Penguins currently consist of eric toledo (homo sapiens sapiens) and Canelo the Pug (canine). The human half of the band, hailing from Chico, California, voip'd in with Doug and Tom of The Music Manumit podcast to talk liberal licensing, Ableton, the creative process, Ross Ulbricht, the NSA, whether or not Music Manumit's podcast audio has ever been graced by dogs claws treading on wood floors, and much more.

Featuring vast, layered constructs of telephonic tones, post-rocking guitar fuzz, and just enough drum programming, this new album is more ambient and noise oriented than much of The Black Penguins' back catalogue. It works.

Have a taste of "Radio Transmissions", which features live-tracked Native Instruments Maschine contributed by bIONIX, or stream/download everything in ones and zeros here at the FMA.

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douglasawh on 05/17/11 at 02:26AM
First post!
amsterdammack on 01/15/12 at 02:37PM
time to change the logo!
douglasawh on 01/17/12 at 02:43PM
ha, we need you as a manager!
FifaCrack on 04/14/15 at 10:28AM
very interesting
werose on 06/07/15 at 09:55AM
Good work
MasdrSEO on 11/11/16 at 01:34PM
very good
douglasawh on 03/05/17 at 02:44AM
Thanks for all the messages!
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