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ange on 02/13/2014 at 01:15AM

Album Tells The Story of River Trout

One of our favorite new uploads comes to us from the French band Salmo. They are a post-punk experimental trio composing narrative music inspired by nature or natural phenomenons.

Their self-titled album is entirely devoted to the life of a river trout, from birth to death. The tracks flow with forward momentum, and capture something dark, cool, and dynamic. They are offering this release using the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license, which makes this river trout album free to spawn many other unique creations (animations, video games, remixes), as long as they give attribution. More Info.

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Irene_Rible on 10/27/2013 at 09:30PM

Creative Commons Halloween Mix 2013

Irene Rible cc-by-nc
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horror, halloween


gamoneterik on 02/01/12 at 09:37AM
Sup. This group needs more action. Listen:

Soul with BITE
Tight but JAZZY
SNazzy and SParkly,
With a frosting of ARTSY.

Pop, Rock, Death Metal Psy

All are pieces of my PIE.

But not too lame,
Lest words bring shame
Upon the plane that
Brings refrain
To name
The Game

I dunno what I'm on about,
But you can dig it.

erinmcmom on 12/12/13 at 06:11PM
Hi there,
I have a question about using a piece of music in a monetized youtube video. The FAQ says to contact the "Curator", so here I am!
I'd like to use Christmas Wish No. 3571 by Wiredrawn. For a DIY Christmas ornament video. According to the Creative Commons license provided it seems to be fine, but YouTube often wants a written confirmation that it is okay to use it commercially.
Could you email me?
GlassTable on 12/27/13 at 01:45AM
Hi I would like to use Chan Wai Fat - Dream (instrumental) as an addition on the end of my children's book. This is optional, as i will offer a CD with that song dubbed over with a lullaby. I may put a cd pocket on the back cover with it. Anyway, Im wondering, is that a violation of 'commercial' under the license? It seems like it is. If so, Could i contact respective artists to make arrangements outside of FMA?
FifaCrack on 04/14/15 at 10:26AM
very interesting
adal2007 on 05/10/15 at 11:14PM
Hi, i run a small open music archive project, we want to enter to FMA
(free music archive curator) seems a good fit for the music we do, mainly electronica and videogame music, here are five samples:

jmanomusic on 05/21/15 at 10:38AM
check out my new EP, my first album to be on FMA, I am an independent rap artist just starting off in the music business, still have a lot to learn business wise, but give my EP a listen
synapsis on 02/06/16 at 06:49PM
what goin on here!!!
Zombieslayerz on 07/26/16 at 02:40AM
Can you please upload the music from this website to the fma app
MasdrSEO on 11/11/16 at 01:41PM
very nice
oonawingedwolf on 12/30/16 at 06:48AM Vydia is claiming they own the copyright for this song and have disputed it's use on my youtube video. Please advise.
Sirona-Records on 02/08/17 at 07:56AM
thank you for the upload of my album "My Beautiful Melancholia" - Pollux
qartal2 on 06/28/17 at 07:32PM
Thank you for sharing
DavidClapper on 07/18/17 at 10:52AM
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DavidClapper on 07/18/17 at 10:53AM
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ANTONIO DIRCEU PEREIRA on 08/20/17 at 04:20AM
muito manero parabens achei a musica que procurava a muito valeu obrigado
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Laser Mom on 11/14/17 at 08:53PM
Hello creative commons lovers! If anyone likes (or dislikes!) Laser Mom's tracks up here, please give him a comment! FMA freaking rules!

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