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Djemma el Fna in lo fi splendor by va

Album Description

Recorded in Morocco circa 1999-2000 on a cheap walkman cassette player, which was sometimes hidden in a backpack. I was fortunate enough to spend the better part of a year living and teaching in Morocco, late summer 1999 to early or mid summer 2000. Music was everywhere. Yet, for some
reason, I didn't even consider bringing decent recording equipment. I snagged tons of cheap pre-recorded cassettes, and heard lots of live performance in the streets, people's houses and elsewhere, but I never thought I ought to do a better job aurally documenting the place. I would say I'm frustrated, but considering how much work has been done in the field there, there are plenty of decent to stellar examples of what Morocco has to offer. I'm pointing at you, Sublime Frequencies. Anyhow, this stuff came largely from the Djemma El Fna in Marrekech, though there is also stuff from Rabat's little medina, plus the hilarious inclusion of gnawa street player Moulay Ali on a child's electric keyboard. Sorry I don't have hours of that! There's even a snippet of one of mystudents, who had an excellent voice, as you will hear. But this stuff should be enjoyed for what it is. Who knows, maybe one of you will balance the mix and make it all sound stellar. Please tell me if you do.



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