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porcelain flu by the narrow musketeer

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the narrow musketeer’s self-titled release (VULP-0037) is out now! The new incarnation of Le Fils des Trois Mousquetaires(Belgium) includes some Le Fils tracks reworked and mastered, while preserving a lo-fi atmosphere and even making use of background noise to create a faux violin effect (“ripper wave”), as well as new
material. As ever, the artist is shrouded in obscurity, greeting the potential listener with a surreal net art-savvy cover.the narrow musketeer is melancholy, melodic, and mysterious, beginning with a a stand-out opener, “ripper wave”, and carried forth with sweet sadness in songs like “easy girl”, “entomology”, and “rockets”. Grunge-esque “porcelain flu” turns the mood around in a surprisingly fun direction, before the mood slowly shifts back to the tender acoustics the narrow musketeer is so adept at, with “the island”. Overall, the narrow musketeer has succeeded in honing a sound and mood of their own, unafraid to add in a few surprises (“porcelain flu” and several curious interlude tracks) in between.



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