THEM | Survived Abuse by Them

Taylor & Lopker

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Released 12/08/2022
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Not Autobiographical. This happened to a person I know. He was abused and survived. Still fears becoming like his parents: Them.


Will I always be
wondering who I am
So afraid
of being them

As a child I wore my pain
On the backside
of my father's hand
I learned to live
with he did
Like water shares the sand

My mother
get used to rough
As if I hadn't hurt enough
They liked to lure the laughter down
& crack the crying up...
Will I always be
Not sure
who I am
Still so
Afraid of being them

Tucked inside my pocket
Is a neatly folded note
All the things I should have told them
I only wrote

As a schoolboy
The teachers said
Ignore the voices in your head
Dylan's tongue
Vincent ears
I cant speak
I cant hear

Will I always be
who I am
Still so afraid of being them

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