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Northern Soundscape One by springtide

Album Description

Recorded:January 23rd, 2018

Update (Nov.9 2018)

Finally, the new album which includes these songs will become available as three mini-albums.

The first one will be released on Nov.15. Please check for updates.

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Track Info


This song - Northern Soundscape One - is the 8th song for the forthcoming album which will be released early next year.

Sometimes, self-imposed limitation works great for me. It expands my creativity. In fact, on my previous album (“This is the End”), I only used one acoustic guitar to generate all sounds on all tracks, including bass sounds as well as synthesizer-ish ones (except drums). And since I really loved that approach, I tried it again with a fretless bass, instead of a guitar. I hope the result is something you would enjoy without knowing tricks I used (such as loop or pitch shift). 

As for the forthcoming album, I am trying to do my best to release 1 new track every month, instead of unveiling all tracks at once when I release the album. Actually, completing 1 song per month is tight on time for me, but if I don’t have this type of self-imposed deadline, I may not be able to complete 12 tracks by the end of this year. So this strategy works for me so far. I hope you would enjoy the “beta” version of the album for now.

Date Recorded
Jan 31, 2018
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