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I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours by Ron Milazzo

Album Description

Producer: Ron Milazzo
Engineer: Ron Milazzo
Ah hey anybody read these? Okay knocked another out here, getting better at the editing part I guess. A hobby? An obsession? I dunno. Weekly venture, therapeutic possibly. [again] would like some bass and drum action.. and possibly getting there (?). Anyway Welcome To America is about the 'I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours' mentality of the average quest for unlawful carnal knowledge (Average? I dunno) while exposing the Insane Clown(s) all around us, as much as possible, while asking the question "Who's Really Free?". Anyway The End Is Near so Help! ... and as the end
nears it seems talking about "There Was A Time" only gives more fuel to the Blues. That is, unless you get the Funktown Boogie #7 of course, probably before The Demons take Your Life away (Took Your Life away?). Finally, Session Talk/Rehearsal (explicit) is the spliced remnants of the rest of the session. Session was recorded in audio and audio/video, see YouTube for uncut-unedited video. Recorded with ESP/Crate Taz[in Canon case affixed w/bandana]/and Canon on tripod, a DGhouse recording. SESS.EDIT stereo to mono, HP EQ thanks to Tokyo Dawn Labs also used GVST compression, Paul L at Audacity Forum plugins and Audacity editing software. (c)(p) Ron Milazzo 2022.



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