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What You Ought To Know by Ron Milazzo

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Producer: Ron Milazzo
Engineer: Ron Milazzo
Vocal electric-guitar recorded live lo-fi one track ESP gtr./Crate amp. ... 1. "Come On In Man" starts things off seeming a bit metaphysical, well as is all recorded media. Where are you? Where were you? Where are you really? Anyway it ironically denotes you may not be where you should be-according to Ron. ... 2. "Wild West Days" - Imagining life as an itinerant outlaw, inspired by the Jesse James saga. ... 3. "Bulletproof" rattles on a bit before giving vocalization to the usual us versus them narrative. Declaring absolute deliniation and defiance against all the triggermen of hypocritical delusion
with their bullets of dissonance, their spell casting, and their heavy demonic possession. ... 4. "What You Ought To Know" Another angst driven guitar vocal warning, what else. ... 5. "Dark Road" A ride down a dark road-off the beaten path! A hard journey into the unknown. No guide! No destination. Off the map! A dark road, as opposed to the well traveled road to hell. ... 6. "It's Hot (instrumental)" with a spoken intro initiating the heat Ron gets to stretch it out a bit here unencumbered by vocals. ... 7. "The Time Has Come To Fight The Demons (explicit)" ... Later that day-out of words, things got base, even primeval, but civility soon resurfaced, even with the influx of false paradigms reigning down all around us. Let it be written, we who are not like others naturally sought to regain the trueness of a thing. Primitiveness only begot primitiveness. That said, the time had come for all to see the demons. Their only defence was guise, their unrecognizabilty by the common folks, under heavy demonic possession, who did follow blindly was the biggest problem ... I think part of this was revealed in the Wizard Of Oz? ... 8. "Get-A-Way Shuffle (explicit)" Finally an exit. Disgusted, Ron sets out, get's away, well in song. The thought, the impetuous, the true unquestioning instinct to getaway. Check out the guitar solos. ... 9. "Blue Days" reminds me of a scene from that whacky movie "Mars Attacks" where an older woman is listening to Hank Williams 'Blue something ... I think? Oblivious to the aliens all around her terrorizing and destroying her neighborhood. Anyway a simple slow blues here-or some yet-to-be-determined genre? ... 10. "Chips" On the last song here Ron seems happy to just be at the end of another hot-session, another labor intensive labor of love album that to this day has garnered no profits other than practice gained, hobby done; As well, no redeeming qualities other than another burden lifted, delivered, to hopefully lift and deliver another. ... - RM Aug 9-2022.



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