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 Ron Milazzo (10 Albums, 70 Tracks)


LOCATION:Downers Grove, IL USA
"It's been quite a struggle, trying to get my sound right, it's been my main focus: editing! (that, first) - and I'm trying to keep things as organic as possible -sound wise-all wise. These are low cost, non-professional, self-recorded, solo vocal/guitar, blues style songs. 'Albums are recorded live and usually in one session. 'Independent, low-fidelity, amateur recordings, improvisational, live blues practice sessions (i.e. demos) influenced by artists like John Lee Hooker, the oracles of Delphi, Sitting Bull ... Crazy Horse, Geronimo, Bon Scott, ZZ Top, Howlin' Wolf ... (Further:) My long-term vision is to bring my musical approach into a
more cohesive form with the right chemistry from such as, a pulsating rhythmic, maybe innovating bass player-backing and sustaining things somehow-possibly as lead? - And a complimentary mostly minimilist style drummer, easing things together." - MADE IN AMERICA, Ron Milazzo: vocals/guitar.

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