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manfred muere by resistencia chaco

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una puerta roja… the czech republic is in reality a a term that’s interchangeable with resistencia chaco. so the red door could be in resistencia, capital of the argentine province of chaco. but it might be that it’s not red, or maybe it’s not even a door. or maybe it’s a door of another color with another form in another place in the same space/time or elsewhere. so we could be talking about the first door of a band that is called república checa, but that wouldn’t be really matter. the only tangible thing, and therefore important, is the atomic
existence of matter, in any of its possible forms, and in any of its possible threads in time. particles exchange energy in whole multiples with the least amount possible. the position of the particles are defined by a function that describes the probability of said particle to be a in a particular position at that moment. the corpuscle duality wave, also called the particle wave, resolved an apparent paradox, showing that light and matter can, in turn, have both particle properties and wave properties. currently considered the wave – particle duality is a quantum mechanical concept where there are no fundamental differences between particles and waves: particles can behave like waves and vice versa. music by: mu sánchez: guitarra franco fontanarrosa: bajo. ada rave: saxo tenor. pablo puntoriero: saxo barítono. augusto urbini: batería y dirección. sergio alvarez: guitarra en infantodemonio all songs composed by augusto urbini. recorded in may of 2010 by luis bacqué, who mixed and mastered it at southern sounds. photos by gonzalo pardo. design by santiago schroeder.



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