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Real Rockers Wear G-Strings by Negative Øhio


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No, no, no, you're doing it all wrong!
You're playing so fast and playing so many notes
It's about the notes you *don't* play, mmmmm!

[A tiny fox]
Miles Davis is Nu-Metal!

I believe Buddy Rich would have been a better drummer if he played LESS notes, mmmmm!

The only *real* band in the world is Toto
Have you not heard 'Africa'?
It's the best song, because its literally the only song I know

Mmmmm, you have distortion on your guitar?
What are you, a neanderthal?

As a drum instructor, I mainly listen to the music for the vocals

I prefer Phil Collins solo, 'cause its the only thing that calms me down after I murder someone...

The Oscars failed us by not saving Jazz, mmmmm!

Ryan Gosling is my waifu ^^

[A tiny fox]
I just wanna bang on teh drums
All day and all night
Just like my hero, Willie Nelson
Who is Nu-Metal

[Bubba Billy-Bob]
I preferred Johnny Cash when he was *true* Country
Not this God damn hippie, dippie, Rock 'n Roll bullshit!

Anything with a breakdown ain't *real* Metal, damn it!
Looking at you, Black Sabbath!

[Jazzhole, but wearing thick rimmed glasses and a fedora]
The lo-fi production really makes the song's message
Of "boy wants to fuck girl" sound so much more mature
So sophisticated

I feel Trap production reached its peak with Ariana Grande, mmmmm!

[Jazzhole vanilla]
Jazz Fusion? More like jazz losin', am I right?
(Disgustingly smug laughter)

Bebop is the actual bop, it slaps!

[A tiny fox]
*Cough* excuse me...

[Jazzhole pretending to be older than actual age]
Chicago only gets better with age

The less notes you play, the better you are
Unless you're a *Rock* musician, yuck!

Millennials ruined *real* music
Like Starland Vocal Band

[Bubba Billy-Bob]
Lil' Nas X *ruined* Country!
We need to bring back *real* Country, like Georgia Florida Line!

Everything I don't like is Nu-Metal, therefor bad!

[A tiny fox]
Everything I like is Nu-Metal, therefor good!

Genres are so important, so I can avoid music like:
Scenecore, and
Posercore, and

I used to listen to Mayhem
But then I saw they had a shirt at Hot Topic
Now I can't listen to them anymore...

[Jazzhole wearing a Morrissey shirt]
It's not that I'm racist!
It's that I prefer Blue-Eyed Soul over the *regular* Soul

[satans_hestkuk69 ironically also wearing a Morrissey shirt]
It's not *real* Metal if *girls* and *gays* like it!

[satans_hestkuk69's dad, Bubba Billy-Bob wearing a Ted Nugent shirt]
A relatable macho image is more important than the music!

[A tiny concerned fox]
'The fuck are you guys on about!?
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