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I'm Hungry and Covered In Blood (Just Another Tuesday Night) by Negative Øhio


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Samples the public domain 1960 movie "Little Shop of Horrors", and the episode "What's Cooking" from the public domain 1952 sitcom "My Little Margie"


Mr. Honeywell, my father has the craziest phobia about me eating their clients!

Oh I knew it! It'll be a homicide!

Betty, call up the deluxe catering service! Tell 'em I want dinner for three in my apartment tonight. Have a man come over with the menu. (Right away, Mr. Honeywell)

Oh I have an idea! All thick and creamy and seasoned just right! (Love it!)
Roasted a golden brown and set with oyster dressing (mmm, sounds wonderful!)
Then that's what I'm gonna fix for you tonight at Mr. Honeywell's apartment. See you then!

He's liable to lose his life unless he gets his junk out of here (Feed me!)
And have we got a wonderful dinner waiting for you! (Feed me!)

I'm drooling, gimme that ladle (I haven't finished yet)
I said give it to me! Mmm, I can hardly wait!
*gurgling blood*

*sounds of clients being dismembered*
Oh my god!

By the way, we have decided to make it a little surprise for her father, so don't say anything when you eat all of that...

Freddie, we'll make this the perfect dinner!

I know what we'll do!

*sounds of clients being dismembered*

You have to admit, I cooked up a wonderful new meal for you!
I'll say you did, you almost sent us up in smoke!

Feed me!

I knew it, here comes trouble

She came out and shot me right in the eye!
I know just what you mean, I shot one of their salesmen myself the other night!

*sound of clients being dismembered*

A policeman!

Oh no! I'll get them out of here if they have to jump out of windows!

*Machine gun fire*

You would unpopulate the whole skid row! Well, you can forget about it!

Outch, my head! Ow! Am I hurt much?
Umm you're perfectly alright, your eye's getting black tho

Feed me!

Oh I knew it! It'll be a homicide!

It can't be true... now I know what your poor father is going through...

Oh, I was only trying to help, everybody! (To what, a hospital?)

You're nothing but a big stuffed shirt with a BB calendar for a heart!

That's alright. Dad, I'm so mad I could fight every man in this room!

The patient came to me with a large hole in his abdomen, caused by a fire-poker used on him...

Feed me!

Every time something goes wrong with one of their deals they always blame me!

Drugs, drugs, drugs
I sold pot without a license to a policeman!
Bit Rate

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